Q & A

We often get a lot of questions regarding our practice, so if one of the following doesn’t answer a question for you, please email us at emaillifewise@gmail.com.

What is the difference between counseling and life coaching? And what should I expect from each?

Certified Life CoachingLicensed Professional Counseling
You and your coach will help you to focus on the present and future.You and your counselor will focus on problems of the past and present.
Your coach will help you to set goals, support and encourage you to achieve them.Your counselor encourages you to explore deep emotional trauma that relates to your behaviors and choices.
Your coach will teach you skills and techniques to obtain your goals.Your counselor will help you recognize mental health symptoms that are leading to struggles, such as anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, etc.
Your coach is a sounding board to explore your choices.Your counseling will teach you psychoeducation, coping skills, and strategies to become aware of your thoughts and behaviors.
Your coach empowers your self-discovery.Your counselor will help you learn to manage and maintain your mental health.
Your life coach will give you tangible work to do between sessions, so gain real-life experience.Your counselor will give you skills and techniques to work on between sessions and practice for real-life experience.
Your coach is your partner in the relationship.Your counselor has a professional relationship with the client, so they are not allowed to be friends in person or on social media.

Do you accept insurance?

Some insurance companies do pay for behavioral health care for counseling, but insurance does not usually cover the cost of life coaching. To find the insurance companies that Stacy or Cindy are credentialed with, please click on their individual links.

How much does counseling or life coaching cost?

The self-pay fees for counseling and life coaching are set by the provider. Stacy uses a sliding scale so the fee is determined by a person’s gross household income. The fee table is accessible through her page. Lynn’s session fees are set at $50.00 per 50-minute for a life coaching session. Melissa has various plans that one may choose from and the fees are dependent upon the plan selected. Cindy’s fees will vary depending on if you’re using insurance or self pay. Please reach out to specific providers for their fee information.

Do the providers see clients in person or is it only virtual?

Whether it’s in person or virtual depends on the provider and also may depend on the location of the client to the provider. How you will meet is best discussed with your individual provider before your first session.

How many sessions will I need of either coaching or counseling?

We cannot guarantee a specific amount of sessions for working through any challenge. It is best to discuss this with your provider before you begin services.

How do I know if I will like my life coach or counselor?

It’s best to set up a free consultation with your potential provider before you meet for a session with them. Ask any questions you have for them and get an idea of whether you think they will be a good fit for you. If one of our providers is not a good fit, we would be happy to help you find someone who better fits you and your needs.

When should I get counseling or life coaching?

There is never a wrong time to seek counseling or life coaching.

Do you prescribe medication?

None of our providers are licensed to prescribe medication. We recommend seeing a primary care physician, a nurse practitioner or physician assistant who specializes in psychiatric medicine, or a psychiatrist. We highly recommend Allison or Ty at Buffington Family Medicine.

Do you accept new clients?

We are accepting new clients and always appreciate referrals.